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A loyalty program is only as good as its rewards. Which is why the Elevatoz Loyalty catalogue uses behavioural Sciences to customise each user’s reward selection and redemption process. From trending merchandise to memorable experiences, the catalogue has something to suit everyone. The platform also allows users to purchase additional points should the accrued points fall short for redemption. Our rewards fulfilment service also includes quick doorstep delivery pan-India, and efficient customer support to ensure a memorable rewarding experience.

A reward fulfilment catalogue is critical to any recognition program’s success. But not just any catalogue will do. Offering too many reward options, or common rewards, can undermine the success of your program. Which is why we offer a specially curated catalogue which ensures that each product – whether an experience or merchandise - screams your brand name.

Elevatoz Loyalty Rewards catalogue

Incorporate our rewards catalogue into your recognition, motivation or a loyalty program. It includes over 10,000 carefully selected products from leading brands, such as Apple, Sony, Bose, Marshall, LG, Bajaj, Kent, Philips, Ray Ban, Samsung, Wildcraft, Prestige and many more. Our product range covers all key categories, including technology, lifestyle, jewellery, home, and gardening. We also provide seasonal ranges for Christmas, Summer, and Diwali.

From family days out, to gourmet dining experiences to adrenaline sports, we offer a wide array of exciting and unique exepriences. For a truly memorable experience, we also include VIP events and sports tickets such as Formula One Grand Prix, the Grand National, and music festivals along with travel packages.

Our digital range provides simple, low-cost rewards. Subscriptions, cinema tickets and media downloads are flexible, cost-efficient rewards that are great for instant win prizes.

Our rewards fulfilment services cover:

  • Catalogue custom design
  • Product quality check
  • Packaging and dispatch management
  • Multi-lingual customer care
  • Rewards procurement
  • Offline and online redemption
  • MIS and reports

Key highlights of our rewards catalogue:

  • 10000+ items across popular brands comprising products, travel, and experiences
  • Wide choice and price range of products across categories
  • 300+ brands across 150+ categories
  • Customised catalogue to match local preferences

Our rewards redemption support includes:

  • Multi-location warehousing
  • 40000+ serviceable pin codes
  • Delivery updates via SMS and email
  • Assured 7-15 days dispatch
  • Priority resolution to complaints

Corporate gifts and promotional merchandise

Want to appreciate employees, business leaders, or business partners or simply need to promote your brand? Explore our exhaustive and innovative corporate gifting optionsthat cater to every step of engagement with your audience.

  • Brand merchandising
  • Employee gifting
  • Leadership gifting
  • Certificates and trophies
  • Promotional merchandising
  • Corporate gifting
  • Festival gifting

Global rewards

Providing personalised rewards within your programme will motivate and encourage desired behaviours and help ensure your company objectives are met.

See our global rewards offering