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Loyalty Framework

Our proprietary framework is the result of over 48 years of experience in delivering loyalty solutions pan-India and globally. It augments the loyalty management experience by identifying who your audience is: needs, expectations and aspirations. Driven by machine learning, it helps you make sense of all the data and insights that you feed it.

Not just that, our platform’s backend modules can be easily configured, managed and optimised, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to run parallel schemes and promotions. Intelligent dashboards provide intricate details of user behaviour, market trends, and other insightful information.

The technology behind it is highly configurable and can integrate seamlessly with third-party applications. Each user has their own unique password-protected account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards securely within the platform.


Key features and configurable modules in our framework


Segmentation approach

Promotion strategy

Communication design and calendar

Hierarchy design

Program budget

Loyalty engine and business logic

Campaign strategy

Contact Centre design

Mobile app and micro website