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Let’s face it: your distribution channel will be loyal to your brand as long as your loyalty or incentives program is at the top of its game. More than 80% of channel partners confirmed that the opportunity to get rewards from a brand is a critical factor in their purchase decisions.

The key to successful relationships with your channel partners is to build strong emotional bonds. You can achieve this through mutually-beneficial schemes, transparent incentives structure, and personalized rewards and experiences. That’s where Elevatoz Loyalty steps in. Our channel loyalty programs are far from transactional. Their power-packed features empower you to successfully engage channel partners in a host of ways.

Our team of loyalty experts will work with you to identify your channel strategy. They will employ various mechanisms and technical solutions to build you a 360-degree program that will not only leverage your brand identity and strength, but also motivate your channel partners to work harder for you. That’s not all. Once your loyalty program is ready to get off the ground, our experts will assist you in managing the program.

How do we do it?

  • Identify key influencers through market studies and benchmarking.
  • Develop custom mobile and web apps to collate and validate transaction data.
  • Utilize data-backed approaches to reward high performers
  • Help you identify a unique, customized rewards solution to incentivize easier

Complement your marketing strategy with a game-changing channel loyalty

Leave the elbow grease to us

From planning to execution, we will assist you every step of the way.

Not all good things take time to build

Your loyalty program will be up and running in no less than 30 days.

Multi-platform programs

Need a multi-platform Loyalty program? We’ve got you covered on all platforms: offline, web, and mobile.

Low cost, high returns

While the redemption value of reward points is low, the rewards in themselves are of the highest perceived value.

One size does not fit all

Nurture your stakeholders the way they expect it with our easily customizable loyalty programs.

Reap the benefits sooner than expected

Enjoy a 10-15% increase in repeat sales within first 6 months, and become their partner of choice.

Extend your channel loyalty program


Channel Partner Engagement

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Influencer Loyalty

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Dealer Incentive program

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Sales Incentive Program

Motivate your sales team with the right strategies to meet their targets, and rewardthem for reaching and exceeding their goals...

Ready to start engaging and rewarding channel partners smarter?