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Extend your customer loyalty program


Referral Program

Assuming your customers will refer you to their friends because of your exceptional service is idealistic. Some might do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Most will do it in exchange for a reward. That’s where referral programs step in.

An army of satisfied customers can do a lot of legwork for your brand. And when word-of-mouth referrals make up 20-50% of most purchase decisions (especially for new businesses and in emerging markets) why shouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity?


Customer relationship program

Customer data is a goldmine, and if you’re not mining that data, you’re missing out on massive gains. An ideal customer relationship program enables you to use data to your advantage to nurture relationships, streamline processes, and drive revenue growth.

Looking to build lasting relationships with your customers, we’ll put our expertise and technology to work to ensure you’re able to do that.


Retention program

Having a great product and a brilliant customer care team is wonderful. But it isn’t enough to get your customers to stick to your brand. You need to create a process from the beginning to foster trust and two-way communication.

As we mentioned earlier, it is more cost-effective to retain existing customers that acquire new ones. Only a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%. So what are you waiting for? Get onboard with our Retention programs and watch your business grow leaps and bounds.


Advocacy program

An army of satisfied customers is also an army of evangelists. According to research, customer advocates should be treated like prospects – they ought to be rewarded for their service. Whether it is displayed in the form of social media mentions, blogs, references, or speaking at an event.

Not sure how to reel in customer advocates? Turn to our trusted advocacy program.

Ready to start engaging and rewarding channel partners smarter?