Sales Engagement Program

Sales Engagement Program
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Sales Engagement Program or SEP together brings the unique combination of opportunity management and sales execution with a dramatic effect on sales effectiveness. It enhances the ability of the sales team to identify and win to retain and grow profitable customers.

Objectives of Sales Engagement Program

  • Sales Engagement Program help you to understand the customer environment
  • One can align the sales process with the buying process of the customer
  • Opportunity analysis can be made with Sales Engagement Program to rigorously qualify opportunities
  • You get to identify and align the ‘Circle of Influence’
  • Implementing a competitive strategy is possible with the Sales Engagement Program
  • Execution of plan is made possible by making effective sales calls

How does the Sales Engagement Program benefit the business?

Sales Engagement Program can benefit several businesses starting from small firms to large-scale business enterprises. Some of them include:

Sales Engagement Program 2

Farmer Engagement

Farmer Engagement increases the sales with conservational planning and also helps the farmers by developing high-quality seeds which result in high yields. Sales Engagement Program helps you to create value by engaging in product development initiatives and also by conducting various awareness programs pertaining to increasing farm productivity.

The farmer engagement also helps them to look out for services to improve customer satisfaction and sickness by focussing more on efforts from low yielding and also turn possibilities into reality.

Customer Campaign

Customer Campaign or Customer Engagement Campaign retains the customers and builds sustainable customer loyalty to ensure that the customers are highly engaged with your brand. Customers will always be gravitating towards companies who treat them well with a standard customer campaign.

This further helps them to interact with you regarding the customer campaign which can be the best way to measure your rewards program engagement through sales with your points redemption rate.

Festive Campaign

Festive Campaign is focussed on the festive season or special occasions which brings the family get-togethers, holidays, joy, celebration, and of course, shopping. This not only causes the excitement of festive campaigns for people but also highlights the brands.

Moreover, Festive campaigns make the brands showcase their product line specific to a season because it can be quite challenging for the brands to advertise their products through a sales engagement program. 

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management makes sure that the quality of the product data and its configurability matches the buyer’s requirement. The sales engagement program for catalog management enables the supplier to quickly broadcast their product, price change, and introduce new items.

If there is any change in the portfolio of the catalog management then it will be subjective to the change management process where consistent information has to be provided pertaining to the sales engagement program by categorizing with the related and alternative products.

Loyalty schemes

Customer loyalty schemes or loyalty schemes are used as marketing and promotional tools in order to encourage the consumers to have a strong connection to a particular brand and encourage repeat business through the sales engagement program.

Consumers often join the loyalty schemes to earn rewards in the form of discounts, offers, or points, which can be redeemed further for rewards including goods and services. 

Retailer Engagement

Retail engagement helps to determine the extent of the relationship a customer has with the sales engagement program by developing the brand and strengthening it. Having an omnichannel retailer engagement strategy helps brands to engage customers closely across their preferred channels in their entire journey from making a purchase to joining a personalized loyalty program.

Retailer engagement has an adverse effect by increasing revenue and profit margins and strengthening customer loyalty through the sales engagement program.

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