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Elevatoz Loyalty has formulated the online loyalty program in Bangalore by formulating customer retention strategies around the brand’s unique objectives and most loyal consumers. It provides customizable loyalty programs with a flexible platform and more engagement opportunities than any other solution.

How an online loyalty program has to be designed?

Loyalty programs should be designed around instant gratification and channel events because these two can do better customer acquisition and retention rates. A brand’s success should also meet customers’ expectations offering a wide range of choices to enhance the benefits of an online loyalty program.

Instant Gratification

Instant gratification is a must factor for the supreme customers in order to highlight the brand else it will lead to a brand risk in losing customers. It should connect emotionally with the customers to reap significant benefits.

You can motivate the customers using instant gratification as it fuels emotional loyalty in the premium loyalty programs. It creates a spark through discounts, coupons, points, and promotions creating an urge among the customers to involve in several purchases for a future reward.

Satisfy your customers with instant gratification by including surprises and delight offerings in designing the online loyalty program. It can create two-way commitment creating emotional loyalty.

Channel events

Organizing channel events like exploring the latest offerings, products, and schemes is very important for enhancing sales through online loyalty programs to lengthen the timeline of communication.

Routing the payments through third parties in the channel events ensures fidelity of payments where complete tracking and paperwork is done for a long-term reward-based loyalty program. This would further reduce the price breakdowns or liquidations to a great extent for designing an online loyalty program.

Online Loyalty Program in Bangalore

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Considerations of building online loyalty program in different industries

Building an online loyalty program in Bangalore is a strategic step where it is intended based on the strong power of consumer demand and your industry vertical. Some of them include

  • Contractor Loyalty
  • Fabricator Loyalty
  • Electrician Loyalty
  • Plumber Loyalty

Contractor Loyalty

A contractor loyalty program should be customized for rewarding the contractors who help directly in enhancing sales. The more a contractor buys from you, he will be offered more incentives and rewards simultaneously. This helps him to make more efforts and also the online loyalty program can take your business to the next level.

Benefits of a contractor loyalty program

  • The contractor loyalty program encourages the potential customers to enquire more about your product as they can increase the mindshare of the contractor network to retain the existing customers.
  • Contractor-targeted marketing and promotional incentives are made at ease to make more sales.
  • Gaining insight into the contractor sales activity can create high-performing areas internally and externally.
  • Helps in distinguishing yourself from the other competitive loyalty programs with uniqueness where the contractors are encouraged to push your products to meet the end-users.

Key performance indicators to track the contractors

Consider these indicators to keep the performance of the contractors on a track like

Registration rate – Number of participants in the program and the number of contractors before launching the program

Participation rate – Number of active participants of your program

Sales Lift – Number of sales based on marketing or promotions

Training completion – Number of users who have participated in the training courses regarding the products offered in the program

Upsell rate – Estimation of sales made by the contractors in selling your products to the customer.

Calculations made on a robust contractor loyalty program

Set up solid marketing and communication

Plan what can be done with your contractor loyalty program pre-launch, launch and post-launch to create awareness. Email the contractors and send them promotional materials to create some excitement for the platform.

You can add a link to your corporate website along with the social media channels to build a relationship with the contractors because they can push your products to the consumers when they are in regular communication. 

Make it flexible for the contractors to participate

Firstly, try to access the program across all electronic gadgets including mobiles and desktops because contractors are usually out and they need to participate no matter where they are.

Secondly, keep the registration form so simple by including the details like the name, email id, company name, etc to save time and avoid complications in the future. 

Thirdly, encourage promoting themselves by deducting too many rules to participate or making too many steps to submit sales information because it can turn the contractors off.

Increase training regarding product knowledge.

Post more videos and add multiple product sheets, run quizzes, and offer them rewards for successful completion of the training course for the contractor loyalty program.

This can boost their confidence as they get a better understanding and it will be easy for them to pull a greater number of customers increasing the sales value.

Drive engagement in additional ways

Make things even more interesting by not sticking with just rebates and SPIFs. Ensure to provide additional chances such as offering a spin-to-win opportunity at some instant rewards.

Help the contractors to track customer satisfaction by designing surveying software for contractors because nothing can be more convincing than authentic, public praise from the existing customers.

Get feedback from your users

If the contractors sign up for your program, reach out to your program’s user base periodically to know what is liked or disliked regarding the features, functionality, and promotions within the program. 

Also, get to know the process and how it works? and what doesn’t work? and be able to make changes based on feedback because the most successful programs are the most rewarding ones to the contractors, which makes them more impactful on your bottom line.

Online Loyalty Program in Bangalore

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Fabricator loyalty program

The main objective is to start engaging and incentivizing fabricators and contractors for the purchase of the product. Create a unique platform to engage with contractors and incentivize them in the business to generate sales. 

Use a multi-platform where users can share data through the mobile app or phone calls. Conceptualize and execute a fabricator loyalty program to effectively engage more clients across the country.

Key aspects to include in the fabricator loyalty program 

  • Develop a mobile app with OTP based system to capture, register and validate data on transactions respectively.
  • Reach out to a large base of fabricators and welcome and train them on the program
  • Launch the fabricator loyalty program in key markets by conducting events
  • Publish reports to concerned stakeholders by adding the required information
  • Configure SMS and email alerts to the concerned stakeholders by adding important action points
  • Build an emotional connection through wishes and activities on their important days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Communicate with the contractors via SMS, mailers, and tele-calling by improvising the help desk management for reward outsourcing, warehousing, dispatching, etc within the agreed timelines.

Benefits of a successful fabricator loyalty program

A successful fabricator loyalty program can have the key highlights as follows:

  • Generation of fabricator purchase data leads in identifying the key fabricators to succeed in business.
  • Effective engagement with key fabricators creates an emotional connection making the bond stronger.
  • Improves growth and profitability by means of increased sales and adds an aspirational value.

Electrician loyalty program

An electrician loyalty program depends on the size of a company and sales made to individuals in a well-defined form based on plastic cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or microchips. The initial occurring costs may be low in the former case, but all the cash desks cannot participate without introducing new infrastructure to make higher prices in later stages.

In the later stages, initial costs are very significant, but they can offer simple adoption in many different sales (POS) points to take active participation in the program. Creating an accurate software solution in cash desks will definitely help in creating the necessary costs.

Reward points in the electrician loyalty program

When an electrician loyalty program gets initiated, it has to be constituted by giving out customers reward points each time they make their payment. It can be of two types:

  • Standard reward points 
  • Bonus reward points

Standard reward points – Handing over the reward points to your cashier, where the cashier puts the loyalty card into the terminal and further inputs the amount. Then in another terminal reward points are calculated and then ascribed or printed on the card before confirmation. This has to be focussed on initiating bonus points.

Bonus reward points – Granted proportionately to customers where the bonus can be earned in one POS or in a few sales points. The number of points awarded for a particular amount can be defined while installing the electrician loyalty program software with specific options such as adding a maximum number of points for a single payment and the minimum amount required to add those points. 

Benefits of the electrician loyalty program

There are a plethora of benefits of an electrician loyalty program

  • The electrician loyalty program assists in building long-term relationships by developing an associative mindset with electricians and contractors.
  • It promotes automatic repetitive referrals and orders to others in the business like satisfied and loyal customers by building trust, confidence, and multiple varied connections.
  • Getting feedback and opinions from electricians rewards and incentives through apps for dealers, contractors and electricians make them a part of your family through the electrician’s power program.
  • Derives intelligence from actionable reports with a full-featured backend to fine-tune the electrician loyalty program at different times which suits all your needs.

Plumber loyalty program

The main objective of the plumber loyalty program is to directly engage with plumbers and promote their brands by enhancing sales along with profit margin. This can attract and cultivate a legion of front-rank influencers in achieving your objectives which can create innovative methods of rewarding behaviour to see what works and what doesn’t.

Key aspects to include in the plumber loyalty program:

  • Design a program to effectively fulfill all the objectives set by the client
  • Enroll Plumbers through local meets and implement coupon-based data collection through SMS
  • Calculate the incentive due to each plumber in the plumber loyalty program on the basis of points collected and milestones achieved
  • Have a phone call-based reward redemption system and create a CRM portal through which the admins could perform more of data digitization
  • Build an emotional connect through wishes and activities on their important days
  • Communicate with the plumbers via SMS, and tele-calling by improvising the help desk management 

Benefits of plumber loyalty program

  • Providing recognition for top plumbers and also offering differential rewards for consistent performers will have a huge business growth.
  • Having an effective engagement of influencers can create emotional connections building strong bonds exceeding boundaries.
  • Using and understanding reward mechanisms can be leading to getting highly connected with the program.

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