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Loyalty Program for Real Estate
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Loyalty program for real-estate channel partners aids the developers to connect better with various stakeholders to ensure there is a delight in the relationship between the customer and channel partner to enhance the vertical growth of your company by paying a way for referral solutions.

This further makes the brand value higher than the traditional marketing because both the customers and the channel partners give an opportunity to root your business which reaps the benefits for a lifetime creating a firm customer base.

Channel Partner Performance Tracking

We enable Channel Partners’ performance tracking in the loyalty program for real-estate channel partners to amplify their business potential. It is a unified interface to launch or optimize the campaigns on real-estates, expand networks, build listing portals, manage lead funnels, etc.

Through this, our Channel Partners can maximize the output of their network by obtaining a quantifiable view of their performance on each project. This assists them in strengthening relationships with the developer community.

Tier-Based Approach

We categorize our real-estate market tiers depending on the developmental stages of the real-estate markets as Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III.

  • Tier I is focussed on cities which are highly developed with more amenities or facilities These cities also have the most expensive real-estate.
  • Tier II is focussed on cities which are in the process of developing such as the up-and-coming cities, and companies which haven’t yet reached their peak in the real-estate market. 
  • Tier III is focussed on cities which are undeveloped or non-existent. These cities are cheap, and also creates an opportunity for growth of real-estate companies.

Objective of Creating a Loyalty Program

A real-estate developer creates the real-estate loyalty program to offer monetary benefits to the official Channel Partners to close the customers on their behalf. The objective of Creating a Loyalty Program for Real-Estate Channel Partners:

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To motivate the channel partners

A real-estate loyalty program should be carefully structured to ensure the channel partners are mutually benefited by giving them due importance and motivating them. This can lead to a notable increase in sales to sustain the growth of the business.

To create brand loyalty

It is very significant for the real estate agents to build brand loyalty rather than just earning commissions on sale because it can demotivate the channel partners. Loyalty program for real-estate channel partners are highly essential to offer rewards, educate regarding the future benefits, invite to exclusive events, create market support that would keep the channel partners updated on the rewards loyalty program. Moreover, it will push them to focus more on sales with an active contribution.

To enhance security

Real-estate channel partners help the customers to establish long-term relationships with the company which can assist them with a timely inflow of cash by inviting more bookings from time to time to create a healthy business.

To improve Organic Outreach

Organic growth in the real-estate loyalty program can enforce your brand name along with the property offerings. This can spark widespread interest in generating massive numbers of organic leads because a loyalty program for real-estate channel partners constantly assists you to meet new potential buyers for a huge outreach.

Benefits of Creating a Loyalty Program

  • The major benefit of building the loyalty program for real-estate channel partners is to create confidence about the service and quality for the client which stands unique from any other organisations gaining customers for life.
  • The customers become immune to the price fluctuations and they will never bother about the demanded price when they love your service and are content as more priority and importance are given to them making them more loyal to you and your business.
  • The costs incurred on advertisements is very less because if you create a friendly approach on the real-estate reward program, the customers will definitely refer their family and friends for your great service if they are really in need of a good real-estate organisation.
  • The real-estate reward program opens a door with vast opportunities to grab a greater number of worthy customers who take their time and effort to approach you often as they are overwhelmed with your fruitful service. 

How Do We Implement Our Loyalty Program for Real-Estate Channel Partners?

We gather the new and existing customers by understanding their needs and educating them with the recent trends, create a smooth business relationship, and clarify their queries or doubts by presenting clear statistical data for them for easy comparison.

We analyse the current level of satisfaction of our clients by adopting techniques such as conducting surveys, providing questionnaires, and monitoring customer feedback. This helps us to identify and target our customers for enhancing brand loyalty.

We set goals by building the CRM software to manage customer retention and develop new customers by understanding the budget of the customers and categorizing them by the level of purchase, payment speed, customer profitability, and loyalty over time.

We choose quality tactics to encourage client loyalty in the real-estate loyalty program by offering additional discounts, offering sponsorships to increase the portfolio of our loyal customers when we reach our purchase milestones.

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