Channel Loyalty Solutions

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Maximize the value of your channel relationships

For us, developing loyalty programs goes beyond just ticking off the laundry list of requirements that arise. Rather, we rely on building an exhaustive package for you, be it channel partner segmentation, measuring of engagement consistently – among high performers and at-risk partners, or incentivizing deserving partners with individual rewards, incentives, and recognition experiences. This enables us to plan short-term tactical objectives as well as long-term strategies to help you increase performance, loyalty, and market share.

Leverage data and insights in real-time

Our loyalty experts employ behavioral sciences and advanced analytics to derive key insights from the data. The team builds algorithms that optimize your program’s impact and their predictive nature allows you to monitor, overhaul, and deploy activities, incentives, campaigns, and rewards that help you drive the desired behavior amongst your channel partners.

Primarily, we are people-centric and so needless to say, our programs allow in creating targeted communication to connect with partners on a personal level. We are the right mix of tools, technology and domain expertise, coupled with the flexible architecture to help your program evolve in keeping with the changing market conditions.

Capture your influencers mindshare

Establishing direct relationships with influencers [key decision drivers such as architects, electricians, contractors, technicians, mechanics, etc.] amounts to a significant importance for most of the industries thriving today. There is a crying need for centralized and formalized programs to identify the key influencers and communicate with them, and we address this. Our job entails that we use multiple mechanisms and technological solutions to help brands identify, connect with and incentivize the influencers through customized programs. To sum up, we

  • Identify key influencers through market studies and benchmarking
  • Develop custom mobile and web apps to collate and validate transaction data
  • Utilize data-backed approaches to reward high performers
  • Help you identify new age reward solutions to incentivize easier

Customer Loyalty

Making consumers feel valued

Elevatoz allows you to build a bond with your consumers by understanding the pulse of their needs and then building an experience for them that speaks to those needs. Because all said and done, loyal consumers are your greatest brand ambassadors, and what’s more when they feel valued, they also become your evangelists.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Engage employees with our ever-evolving rewards strategy

Elevatoz offers tailor-made R&R solutions for companies to help you help employees align to your company’s vision, mission, and / or specific goals. Our solution portfolio brings culturally relevant items, brands, and experiences to the table to encourage proactive goal-setting and promote active engagement. In addition, our real-time merchandising techniques enable you with quick turnaround times in deploying your R&R initiative.

  • Reward Platform
  • Long Service awards
  • Onboarding Solutions
  • Employee Incentive
  • Spot Awards
  • Referral Program
  • Birthday / Anniversary

Reward Fulfilment

A range of rewarding options to ensure you never run out of choices

Be it procuring merchandise for band or for promotional purposes, rewarding leaders and employees who make up the corporate ladder, we have an exhaustive Reward Fulfilment list at every step of engagement with your clientele.

  • Brand Merchandising
  • Promotional Merchandising
  • Employee Gifting
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Leadership Gifting
  • Certificates and Trophies